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ARQUUS DAY for an all-terrain event

ARQUUS DAY for an all-terrain event

Creating the event, keeping in touch

Our client, ARQUUS, does not believe that no-one can be expected to do the impossible; they wanted to organise an event to bring together their customers and partners under optimal health and safety conditions. After months of virtual exhibitions and online meetings, nothing can beat a real live demonstration! The challenge was launched and Expace designed the event that took place at the test tracks of Satory Camp in Versailles, setting up all the equipment and logistics required for the first ever ARQUUS DAY.

ARQUUS DAY Event stand

16-17 September 2020


Espaces ouverts
Satory Camp Versailles

Réceptifs de 650 m2
au total

Comfort and safety for all

Ordinarily, this type of event (a VIP evening for 100 people on 16 September and 400 guests for the day event on 17 September) poses no particular problems, but during a health crisis, of course, the situation is different. To guarantee the safety of all participants and ensure that everyone was able to make the most of the event, the Expace team designed the organisation according to specific requirements (conference, cocktail party, outdoor demonstration areas, etc.) and the flow of guests. Marked, sign-posted routes, one-way movement, reminders of protective measures, hand sanitiser dispensers, staff to ensure regular disinfection of the reception areas, demonstration vehicles and civil security teams (special Covid tent) were among the key elements of this successful event!

Faultless logistics

Just two days were needed to prepare this event: project reception areas and management of car parking, cloakrooms and track marking for trucks and pedestrians on the event days. The only thing Expace did not take care of was the weather. And since no-one can be expected to do the impossible, even the skies were kind.

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