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Cannes the festival : legendary event !


Cannes the festival : legendary event !

An international event

For more than 10 years now, Expace has been working with the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival, offering customized installations for one of the greatest and most prestigious events in the world. For its 70th anniversary, the Expace designers were charged with the delicate mission of “dressing” three strategic locations in the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès: the Rue Intérieure thoroughfare, the Louis Lumière Auditorium and the Claude Debussy Theatre. A series of ambiances and rough layouts led our designers to draw on the emblematic codes of the cinema and the graphic charter for this year’s festival to create their installations. With extreme chromatic precision, red and gold were chosen and the lighting sublimated for the occasion.

The Cannes Film Festival

 Festival international du film 2017

 Halls Lumière et Debussy

Décor commensurate with the Festival

For a Festival of this calibre, the installations had to be every bit as grandiose! In order to dress the Rue Intérieure thoroughfare inside the congress centre, our designers came up with XXL-sized canvases (the largest measuring 14 x 8 m). Stretched along the stairs, they presented words and phrases illustrating the world of cinema, movie stars, and the essence of what constitutes the magic of the big screen. In the Louis Lumière Auditorium and the Claude Debussy Theatre, places where guests could wander and access the room, sobriety was a must with the creation of circular light boxes as support for a round and soft architecture. Installed on the pillars of the rooms, the coloured boxes framed the space (with an asymmetry of colours) and structured the volume. Lighting, no better décor for the iconic “Lights! Camera! Action!”

Seamless logistics, deadlines to be met

Beyond the creativity developed by our designers, this type of major event requires seamless logistics. With its vast experience in this field, Expace is more than capable of preparing and running operations of this scale. The team is already looking forward to next year’s Festival!

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