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Digital technology serving the customer experience for SOMFY


Digital technology serving the customer experience for SOMFY

Totems for merchandising

As part of its marketing campaign, Somfy decided to liven up its retail space in specialist department stores (Leroy Merlin, Castorama, etc.) to present its home automation product ranges. We worked with our partner VENDREDI 4 to design interactive terminals in the shape of giant smartphones. By interacting with these terminals, customers can discover and experiment with the concept of a connected home and SOMFY’s home automation solutions in an immersive and interactive environment. This new trend, adopted by the retail sector, offers the very best in terms of customer experience.

A solid partnership

This type of project is yet another example of Expace’s ability to adapt to its customers’ needs. Our work for SOMFY focused on the following key areas: concept creation; overall art direction; joint creation of digital tool architecture; UX interface study and graphic design; creation, modelling and 3D animation of a mascot; design/manufacture of custom-made equipment; development/programming of the digital solution.

POS information in large retail stores


Solution mobile phygitale

With quality service too

In terms of service, our team designed a specific crate to transport each totem, delivered it and installed it at the customer’s sales site… A turnkey TOTEM solution!

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