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Feu Vert or the art of welcoming

Feu-Vert customized exhibition booth

Franchise Expo Paris 2017


Open booth


Feu Vert or the art of welcoming

A prime location

Exhibiting at Franchise Expo Paris is a challenging undertaking. Designed to connect entrepreneurs and traders with more than 450 French and international brands representing 87 sectors of activity, this show operates voluntarily without strictly delimited spaces dedicated to business areas. Its main objective is therefore to capture the interest of future franchisees. Boasting a prime location, facing one of the main entrances, Feu Vert benefitted from a booth area of 58 m2 open on all four sides.

Feu-Vert customized exhibition booth

 Salon Franchise Expo Paris 2017


Stand ouvert

The art of welcoming: a strong sales argument

Based on specifications and a precise brief, Feu Vert asserted its marketing strategy: downplaying the presentation of its product offer, widely known by visitors, and instead concentrating on welcoming its future franchisees. Taking advantage of a platform without constraints, the Expace team created a warm, welcoming and open space integrating the Feu Vert colours. A true corporate space to better convince future franchisees of the merits of choosing the brand.

An ingenious contemporary design

o maintain the advantage of the booth’s location, facing the entrance, it was necessary to play on the perception of depth. For this, Expace developed an ingenious contemporary design: breaking the perspectives given by the aisles by playing on the shine of the floor with the colours and materials, and creating a slightly asymmetrical top, all in perfect harmony with the dynamics of the Feu Vert logotype. The only high-tech equipment was a large touch screen presenting Feu Vert’s offer and services. Without affecting the minimal construction of the back of the booth, the storeroom and cloakroom were integrated into the furniture created specifically to favour the three types of welcome areas: low comfort seating, bench for conversations, and traditional tables and chairs.
A priority on welcoming, contact and conversations… Mission accomplished!

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