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Just like home for Degrenne

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Just like home for Degrenne

The different universes of the home

Between interior and exterior, DEGRENNE asked our designers to recreate the different universes of the home. Suspended pergola and specific flooring to indicate the exterior, and an interior space materialized by kitchen, living room and dining room furniture. The lights specific to each of these universes highlighted and finalized the showcasing of the different ranges of products displayed in situation. Units presenting the products were created for the occasion and punctuated the different home ambiances. The result? A cosy and intimate atmosphere…

Exhibition booth

Salon Maison & Objet Paris 2017


Stand ouvert

A high and central sign

Supported by one of the walls of the storeroom, the DEGRENNE logo rose above the booth to be visible from afar. Strong and powerful, it caught the eye. A big screen placed on this same wall presented the new product ranges and completed the central section.

A lasting collaboration

For DEGRENNE, the Expace team’s role as partner also comprises the entire management of its exhibition furniture. Optimized flows, provision of elements or their construction… a collaboration that is profitable for all!

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