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Merck: welcome, discuss, adopt


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Merck: welcome, discuss, adopt

Adapt to all exhibition configurations

For this type of B2B event welcoming health professionals to the Palais des Congrès in Paris (French-speaking conference on hepato-gastroenterology and digestive oncology), Merck chose to install a mobile solution that can be used and reused in a variety of exhibition situations. Indeed, Merck ensures some fifteen events of this type every year, hence the need to have adaptable solutions. The main objective of this configuration is to offer a soothing and confidential welcome to these health professionals.

Mobile solution congress booth

Salon JFHOD Paris 2017


Solution mobile

A new universe to be translated

Far from the usual codes of actors of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Merck revisited its logo and graphic charter by asking our team to offer combinable modules. Our designers favoured the cell and integrated the design using the available colours of the charter. Visitors to the booth retain the impacting factors: the cell, the colour and the M for Merck.

Corner or lengthwise, mobile solutions can be adapted

With a height limited to 3 m to place a sign, the corner was fully optimized with the two made-to-measure bar units forming the M of Merck. A clever and fairly simple design complemented by standard and contemporary furniture.
Corner or lengthwise, mobile solutions can be adapted!

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