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Offering customer experience for Signify Philips


Offering customer experience for Signify Philips

The products – mobility equation

For its customer Signify – Philips, Expace has taken up the challenge of exhibiting over a hundred products, four times a year under extremely variable event conditions. This is the issue facing Signify, the design and production branch for Philips commercial lighting solutions. By reconciling our customer’s needs and constraints, Expace designers created a pertinent solution that can be adapted to all location types. The idea was tested for the first time at SIDEC Marseille, the trade fair for electrical equipment professionals, where it got full approval!

Mobile booth

Salon SIDEC Marseille 2018


Stand ouvert

Installation in the blink of an eye: the Fly-Caisse© solution

The Fly-Caisse© concept was designed to meet a particular challenge: showcasing many products in a variety of locations requiring mobility. The custom-made, multipliable modules are put together according to the space available and product demo requirements. Fly-Caisse© can be built differently over and over again and offers a response to mobility constraints, as well as being an environmentally-responsible solution!

The event, the exhibition space

Like many manufacturers, Signify has to exhibit its products under variable event conditions. When technical flooring is not available or when the space is hard to organise in a short time frame, the Fly-Caisse© solution is an obvious choice.

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