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Renault Trucks Defense : a structured booth, business lines


Renault Trucks Defense : a structured booth, business lines

Structuring for better presentation

Multi-brand exhibitions present some challenges that need to be addressed. To effectively present their respective brands of military vehicles, Volvo Group and Renault Trucks organized their products into business lines: Combat and Support, Special Forces, Liaison, etc. To meet this criterion, Expace created dedicated spaces in the form of islands. The reception area covered a part of one of the islands thanks to a mezzanine measuring 350 m2 (VIP room, lounges, offices, bar and catering area, etc.).

Renault Trucks Defense – Exhibition stand with islands

Salon Eurosatory Paris Villepinte 2016


Stand en îlots

From security to functionality

As in any exhibition space, specific security constraints forced our designers to be creative. Authorized hanging height, visitor aisles that could not be covered… By playing with the reduced heights, oblique lines and aisles, three exhibition islands were created. Encircled by a high sign, each business line was identified by specific boxes at low height and highlighted by floor marking. Functionality and efficiency, the perfect reflection of what is expected of these vehicles.

Field and high-tech atmosphere

Open and airy, the islands presented the opportunity for visitors to directly discover the vehicles. Their operational functions could be easily understood by visiting the islands, while the high-tech dimension of these vehicles was supported by a system of connected information terminals.
Trade shows: also a tactical mission!

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