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The «crème de la crème» for Elle & Vire

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The «crème de la crème» for Elle & Vire

A challenge worthy of Elle & Vire’s ambitions

For this type of exhibition, the real question is the distribution of the technical surfaces with respect to the reception areas for professionals. Expace’s solution comprised a configuration open on three sides, with a central positioning of the “chefs” area and their equipped storeroom.

Elle & Vire
Exhibition booth

Salon SIRHA 2107 Lyon


Stand ouvert 3 côtés

Green, white and wood

It is on this theme that Elle & Vire wanted to design its booth. An ambience promoting nature, health and well-being, and space for the long bench equipped for the chefs and their many demonstrations and tastings. The scenography was deliberately organized around this dominant element and the equipped storeroom, while contemporary and welcoming furniture (bar tables) allowed for enjoying the preparations made directly on site. A more confidential and isolated space with wooden screens was reserved for VIPs. Finally, to limit the space of the booth, product showcases were placed at the edge of the aisles… compact and coherent!

The multi-brands question

The high boxed sign (slinged sign) carried the brand logo and all the brands of the Group. It securely covered the booth and gave strong visibility to both the brands and the Group.

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