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New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, São Paolo, Marrakech, Johannesburg, Casablanca, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Cannes, Bordeaux, Dublin, London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff, Jönköping, Oslo, Helsinki, Moscow, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Kortrijk, Ghent, Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Munich, Friedrichshafen, Vienna, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Florence, Verona, Venice, Rimini, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Lisbon, Belgrade, Budapest, Athens, Malta, Istanbul, Tehran, Dubai, Bangkok, Beijing, Cebu, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore

Our locations allow us to respond to your booth, event and showroom projects around the world.



Do you want to set up a high-performance, tailor-made booth for a professional event?
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Do you want to revamp your offices, create a lobby or an exhibition space, install new signs or decorate a TV studio set?



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Do you want to set up a high-performance, tailor-made mobile solution for a professional event?

Expace news


Expace is recruiting a versatile stand mounter

In cooperation with the staff (Technical and Project Managers), You will realize the assembly and disassembly of the stands. His missions are: - the preparation of stands in the workshop. - the assembly and disassembly of the stands with a dedicated team. - the customer relationship during the assembly period. Full time job. Post based [...]

Expace is hiring an Exhibition Booths / Layout Technical Manager

The Technical Manager is the link between design and installation. This position covers all coordination and project management activities. You will be responsible for transforming 3D projects into technical drawings that will be used for manufacturing and assembly. As an experienced technician, you will follow the production of the elements comprising the booth with our workshops and our [...]