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Creating surprise for HUOT


Creating surprise for HUOT

A daring gallery concept

In the field of water networks, the French company HUOT is one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of pipe coupling and service connection fittings for drinking water systems. The products that HUOT wish to display are relatively small parts made out of cast iron or brass. Small, back-lit display cases? Stand design involving shelf displays? What would be the best option to grab attention? HUOT chose to be quirky with a custom-made stand and the Expace team translated the company spirit by displaying the product like a work of art and exhibiting it as though in an art gallery.


Pollutec Lyon 2019


Stand ouvert

Hidden objects in the spotlight

The quirky option was adopted throughout the entire stand: entrance, lighting and pipe fittings displayed on platforms standing proudly on an immaculate lacquered surface! The most ordinary and concealed of objects is thus unveiled under the spotlights. Only the precious water droplets, made out of gold-coloured metal, featuring on a tall sign and covering part of the stand, remind the visitor of HUOT’s field of expertise.

Let’s talk about contemporary design

While white, wood, natural and blue themes dominate at Pollutec, HUOT breaks with tradition. From their product display to the VIP lounge, HUOT’s marketing team and Expace chose the decorative elements for every part of the stand one by one. These unusual features help HUOT representatives to initiate dialogue with visitors and customers before moving on to talking about their products.

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