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A certain idea of French taste


A certain idea of French taste

From national to international events

Bridor faces a particular challenge: exhibiting its brand at regional events (in and outside France) and creating a buzz at international trade fairs. The constraints and requirements change but Brand Design consistency must be respected at all times. Working closely with the Marketing team, our designers decided to create a modular space that would last a long, but not infinitely long, time.

Modular booth

FHA Singapour, Gulfood Dubaï, SIRHA 2018

De 24m2 à 130m2

Stand modulable

If you can do a lot…

“If you can do a lot, then you can do a little”: this is the saying that guided our designers. The biennial trade show SIRHA is an important, strategic event for BRIDOR and served as a basis for the thinking behind this modular, scalable exhibition concept which lasts two years, from one SIRHA to the next! The spectacular custom-made stand grabs visitors’ attention through visual surprises like its tall sign made out of two staggered square shapes (custom-made aluminium frame) and an inverted garden that foils the laws of gravity. Smaller in size for “little” events, free-standing exhibition stands are built using the same equipment and consistent branding. Visual surprise remains a feature and vertical product exhibition is like a work of art!

Traditional French style

By reconstructing the baker’s work space at trade fairs – including products, ovens and professional equipment – France’s signature welcome and excellent taste are showcased through the Bridor brand and its artisan know-how. As this customer often exhibits in Asia, the Expace Asia team manages its events. Very practical!

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