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Designing in an open public space


An open space in an ultramodern location

The opening of a large new stadium is an event in itself. But when it comes to one of the most modern sports and leisure complexes in Europe, it’s definitely unique! As one of the founding partners, Orange is the provider of fibre and connected services throughout the complex. In this capacity, their new products and solutions are exhibited in a cosy space dedicated to guests and privileged customers.

Orange at the Groupama Stadium

Groupama Stadium Lyon

60 m2



For a physical and connected experience

Located on an open floor surface and limited by the space’s curved and glazed configuration, our designers’ choices were intimacy and visitor comfort. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the “homely” atmosphere thanks to the low furniture, the fun objects, the pouffes and barstools, where they can take full advantage of the connected experience offered by Orange.

An integrated showroom

Above and beyond the tailor-made aspect that our designers have developed for this showroom, this project’s particularity lies in the necessity of the advertising founding partner, Orange, to equip a range of spaces within the complex (dressing rooms, VIP areas, etc.); coherency, legibility, and branding are called for!

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