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Pro Showroom


Welcoming pro customers

Orange offers a set of services and specific resources to address its pro target. In Dijon, our designers have fitted out an attractive dedicated space to offer future customers the brand experience.

Living the Brand Experience

80 m2

Showroom pros

Installation sur-mesure


Like an itinerary

In 80 m2, a challenge … Presenting the full range of hyper-connected pro services in situ. The team’s designers have chosen a cosy and contemporary atmosphere to highlight the brand’s strengths for the benefit of the pros. Four hubs, Reception, Networks, Business and Mobility, have been designed to offer the customer a smooth and coherent showroom itinerary.

The Pro digital era

As an IT service provider, Orange wanted to demonstrate its expertise in the field of “business” digital usage to its customers and more particularly in the field of connected objects (IoT). On the periphery of conventional networks, these intelligent devices (360° cams, video-conferencing tools, data and data security analysers, etc.) combined with ultra-powerful connectivity enhance the performance of user companies. Installed discreetly in the showroom, but very much present for the pros!

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