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Discovering the GSE values


Discovering the GSE values

Constructive collaboration

Thanks to our excellent collaboration in booth design, GSE asked our teams to accompany its communications agency in the development of part of its premises. The idea was to express the GSE values and work on the global design of the brand.

Showroom – sustainable installations

S’immerger dans les valeurs GSE


Global design

The design and installation work focused on the areas dedicated to visitors, customers and suppliers, and the corridors leading to these areas. Contemporary design, present written communication, visual and animated communication, inviting and comfortable installations, transparency… The messages are clear and everything is designed for total immersion in the values of the GSE Group combined with a pleasant experience.


No user experience is complete without a fully integrated and powerful connection system. The spaces were developed using the latest tools. In this perspective, specific furniture was even manufactured in our workshops for the VIP area. Some exhibition elements (light boxes, touch table, etc.) were also reconditioned in this sustainable décor, notably in the GSE LAB.

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